Information for Donors

THE RED STAR SOCIETY IS A 501(c)(3) non-profit charity registered with the Internal Revenue Service. As such, all donations are deductible in accordance with IRS tax codes. All funds directly collected by the RSS for a specific campaign or are used exclusively for that purpose; all funds collected on behalf of another entity are passed on in toto to that entity. Only non-earmarked donations may be used for administrative or otherwise non-event-related expenditure.

Event-related expenditures may include purchase of supplies, contracting with professional help, transport of volunteer or contracted personnel and/or supplies, packaging of supplies and other related materials, provisions (food, water, shelter, necessities) for volunteer or contracted personnel, and other purchases deemed essential to the work of the RSS for a given event. Non-event-related expenditures include printing of RSS press and literature, organizing of training seminars and workshops (unless organized in conjunction with an event), administrative and office expenses, and transportation of RSS representatives to public appearances not related to a specific event.

Every year, the Coordinator of the Red Star Society will release an annual report on the activity of the RSS, including an accounting of all income and expenses. The report will include a breakdown of earmarked income and expenses (excepting “conduit collections,” where the RSS acted as a conduit for funds collection by another agency, unless we are provided with an accounting of what our efforts yielded), as well as non-earmarked income and expenses. Every donor and volunteer/supporter is entitled to receive a copy of the annual report for the year they donated or volunteered/supported the RSS. Once the annual income of the RSS exceeds $10,000 a year, we will submit our records to a third-party accounting agency to verify the collection and expenditure of funds.

Questions, comments or concerns regarding donations, expenditures and other information about the RSS is welcome. You can contact the Central Office via the addresses or phone numbers listed in our “Contact Us” section.