The RSS Website is Up and Running

After several months of delays, the website for the Red Star Society of the U.S. is up and running again. There are still some minor issues to deal with, such as finding a new fundraising host, but all of the relevant information about the RSS and what we do is now up and ready to read.

We welcome your feedback! Let us know what you think about our website. If you really like what you see here, then consider volunteering to work with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

An Open Letter to Honest Working-Class Partisans

Brothers and sisters!

We stand on the precipice of an exciting and perilous time for our class. It might not appear at first glance that such a time is upon us, but a deeper look shows a number of contradictions reaching a critical mass.

We are seeing, for example, a greater antagonism between the two exploiting and oppressing classes — the owning and administering classes. What is perhaps more important about this, however, is that both classes have made it clear they no longer can maintain their rule in the old (democratic) ways. At the same time, growing sections of the working class — especially the superexploited and superoppressed — have made it clear, through their protests and rebellions, that they no longer agree to be ruled in the old ways. Finally, the movement of events has increasingly pushed large portions of society as a whole to take up sides in one of three great camps.

It is already bad enough that working people have to deal with the disasters and catastrophes wrought by both nature and humanity’s spoiling of it. On top of that, we can add hunger and poverty, denial of the basics of human life (e.g., drinking water, electricity), and legal and state persecution. Each one of these creates as many casualties as a great strike or other mass workers’ action, if not more.

More and more, we partisans of our class are called upon to address these non-traditional causes that create victims in the class war. That is why I am turning to you today.

The Red Star Society was established in 2005 to aid working-class victims of Hurricane Katrina who were being left behind by the both the government and non-governmental organizations. Since then, the RSS has aided flood victims and earthquake survivors, provided first aid and street medic services for mass protests, as well as helped in the reconstruction of New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward. One of our proudest moments was when we helped to raise more than $15,000 in worker-to-worker aid for victims of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti; the money raised was given to a radical labor union movement to provide jobs and rebuild factories that were destroyed.

All of this we accomplished with a small handful of volunteers. Imagine what more we could do with your help!

From the beginning, the RSS was meant to be a non-sectarian organization, welcoming in its ranks any honest partisan of the working class. By posting this letter, we are reaffirming our commitment to that character and inviting you to make it a reality.

We are in need of a number of volunteers to handle different tasks: medical service (CPR instructors, first aid volunteers and qualified street medics), relief service (drivers and loaders/unloaders), and fundraisers. We are also, of course, looking for people willing to donate time, money and/or supplies when they are needed most. We also need people willing to be a part of the RSS’ Executive Council. Specifically, we need a Medical Coordinator, Relief Coordinator and Fundraising Coordinator, as well as a National Coordinator to act as liaison between departments.

If you support developing working-class solidarity, in words and deeds — if you believe in worker-to-worker aid and relief — if you believe in justice, not charity, and human solidarity, not sectarianism — then become a part of the Red Star Society and help relieve workers in their times of need.

Martin Sayles, Director
Red Star Society of the U.S.