About the International Labor Defense Fund

THE INTERNATIONAL LABOR DEFENSE FUND is the legal-defense arm of the Red Star Society. The ILDF facilitates the efforts of the RSS in the publicizing and coordination of support for those facing the capitalist “injustice” system. In addition to providing essential information on prisoners of the capitalist system, we seek to provide stipends and care packages for prisoners who have been struggling behind prison walls.

The ILDF has designated three categories of prisoners whose cases we publicize and, in turn, whose survival we seek to support.

A Prisoner of Conscience is a political prisoner held behind bars because their political views or actions were used by the capitalist state as a basis for their incarceration. Prisoners of conscience are often framed up on bogus charges that are meant to undercut public support and divert attention away from the political questions that lay at the heart of the case.

A Class War Prisoner is a working person held behind bars because of their role in organizing or leading a battle in the class struggle. Class war prisoners are often union organizers, strike picket leaders and labor solidarity activists. Generally, they are charged with breaking one of the numerous anti-labor laws meant to keep working people from asserting their rights and defending their livelihoods.

Prisoners of War/Detainees are militants or activists held behind bars because of their role in a violent conflict with the capitalist state. While the broader category of prisoners of war/detainees can include a varied sort, the ILDF limits its defense to those militants and activists who claim adherence to an ostensibly revolutionary leftwing doctrine. In today’s climate, such militants are often lumped in with reactionary and rightwing belligerents and tarred with the brush of “terrorism.” The ILDF rejects this blanket classification.

Below are links to the various cases being highlighted by the ILDF.